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Delete IIS Logs Automatically
On web servers, and Exchange OWA servers especially, there are a lot of OWA logs which can be found in C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1.
Posted:2022-08-25, 176 views

The RCPT TO command generates a Mailbox Full error after 20 KB of messages
When you use Administrative Tools / Internet Services Manager to expand the [WebServerName], right-click Default SMTP Virtual Server, press Properties, select the Messages tab, and clear the Limit message size to (KB) box, the default message size should be 2048 KB.
Posted:2007-06-19, 3042 views

Telnet to Port 25 to Test SMTP Communication
This article describes how to telnet to port 25 on a computer that runs Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) services to troubleshoot SMTP communication problems.
Posted:2007-04-03, 3805 views

Hosting Multiple IIS Web Sites with Host Headers
Most IIS administrators are aware that IIS (versions 4.
Posted:2007-02-14, 2911 views

Check Your Errors
If you have developed any kind of serious web-based application (or any type of application for that matter), you know the joy of trapping errors for anything that the user might do.
Posted:2011-10-23, 944 views

How to restore the IIS Metabase
Find and restore a good copy of the metabase.
Posted:2007-05-31, 5521 views

PSMetrics Part 3: A simple ASP ingestor
Welcome to part 3 in the PSMetrics series.
Posted:2016-11-16, 1747 views

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