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Pusher - The Push, Described
The push is a pretty in depth process.
Posted:2009-05-20, 2080 views

Pusher - Options Dialog
The options dialog is very straightforward, and only contains a few of options that are user configurable.
Posted:2009-05-20, 2080 views

Pusher - Execution Date and Time
Pusher works with the Task Scheduler service installed by default on all Windows NT-class workstations and servers.
Posted:2009-05-20, 1992 views

Pusher - Loading Targets
Now that you have created a Target List, you can load that Target List from the main screen.
Posted:2009-05-20, 1922 views

Pusher - System Requirements
For any client or SysAdmin workstation, you simply need a version of Microsoft (tm) Windows (tm), such as NT4,2000,XP,2003,Vista.
Posted:2009-05-20, 2396 views

Pusher - Log File Viewer
All processes in Pusher are logged.
Posted:2009-05-20, 2077 views

Pusher - Inventory
After loading targets, simply click the Inventory Targets button.
Posted:2009-05-20, 2160 views

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