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Configure system cache for server or workstation
If you are using your system as a server then file caching is good.
Posted:2008-07-13, 1815 views

Open No-Extension Files with Notepad by Default
There are files out there, on your hard drive, that don''t have extensions.
Posted:2008-09-01, 3132 views

Disable Shutdown
Sometimes you may want to disable to the shutdown of a system, such as a kiosk or a mission critical computer.
Posted:2008-09-01, 1848 views

What is ASP?
So, you want to know more about ASP, huh? Well, you've picked a good place to start.
Posted:2008-10-23, 2704 views

DNS Log Reports Event ID 4515
If you receive event ID 4515 and also have difficulty changing the Active Directory (AD) replication scope from all domain controllers (DCs) to just DCs that host the DNS service, perform these steps to resolve the problem: Start the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) DNS snap-in (Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, DNS).
Posted:2008-11-01, 2190 views

Change IE Start Page
System administrators will almost always set the default home page for the browser to the corporate website or intranet when building a machine.
Posted:2008-11-15, 2332 views

Windows Indexing Service
The Windows Indexing Service provides you with the ability to perform advanced searches on directories located on your computer and on shared directories on the network.
Posted:2008-11-27, 1883 views

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