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Quickly Checking FSMO Role Locations
Here is a quick tip to finding out where the FSMO roles for a domain are located.
Posted:2008-08-12, 3204 views

How to find all GCs in a domain
How can you quickly find the global catalog servers in your domain? Two command-line tools can be helpful here.
Posted:2008-08-12, 3666 views

Who Authenticated Me?
When you manage an Active Directory infrastructure that spans multiple sites, it is a good idea to test the ability of clients to successfully authenticate against domain controllers in other sites.
Posted:2016-02-29, 2253 views

List RDP Sessions on Remote Servers in PowerShell
You can use this handy little script to find remote desktop sessions on all servers running in your Active Directory domain.
Posted:2016-02-17, 23335 views

How to fix the Veeam PowerShell Error
During the installation of Veeam Backup and Replication (VBR), you may run into a puzzling error, "Failed to invoke PowerShell query SCVMM components are not installed.
Posted:2014-12-11, 7568 views

Automated Log Archiving with WinRAR and Robocopy
In my day job, one of the things I do is maintenance of a farm of servers.
Posted:2014-08-15, 3425 views

PXE Boot a VM in Hyper-V
In most technology environments, automation is everything.
Posted:2014-02-12, 3266 views

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