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Newbie help: Add a new record to a database
Simple form to insert a value into a table using ADO's RecordSet.
Posted:2002-06-01, 94 views

Multi-function form for basic navigation, table editing, and recordset paging.
Posted:2002-06-01, 78 views

Generic Email Form Handler using CDONTS
Email any form from your site using CDONTS (IIS's built-in smtp).
Posted:2002-06-01, 74 views

Database Basics: Part I
Since ASP is especially good at reading and writing to databases, let's start with a very simple database and scripts that we'll eventually build into a guestbook.
Posted:2002-06-01, 72 views

ASP bar chart
This code is an example how to use a random color generator and a table to create a Bar Chart.
Posted:2002-06-01, 72 views

If you've used ASP for a while you'll notice that VBScript doesn't support StrConv so you can't proper case your code.
Posted:2002-06-01, 71 views

ASP 8 Queens solution
To find the solutions to the 8 queens puzzle.
Posted:2002-06-01, 88 views

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