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Types of Hypervisors
A hypervisor, also known as a virtual machine manager, is a software program that enables multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host.
Posted:2022-12-21, 124 views

Word Keyboard Shortcuts
You can speed up the entry of data in to your word documents by leveraging keyboard shortcuts.
Posted:2021-11-11, 220 views

The Death of PlanetSourceCode
Recently, I went to one my favorite source code repositories, just to check out new submissions, and see how things are progressing in the community.
Posted:2020-09-04, 1521 views

How to keep out of trouble with your e-mail
Originally written by Derek Miller, this email guide was too good to let it disappear.
Posted:2020-02-06, 400 views

IT Professional Achievements
I stumbled across a thread containing a bunch of gamer-style achievements for IT folks.
Posted:2019-12-16, 349 views

SystemIdleCheck: APIs Used
In case anyone is curious, this is a list of APIs that are being used.
Posted:2019-07-22, 887 views

SystemIdleCheck: Version History
This page contains the version history of SystemIdleCheck.
Posted:2019-07-22, 1119 views

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