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Recover Password of a Cisco Switch
We've all done it - Forgotten or misplaced a password.
Posted:2009-12-28, 2463 views

Change Aero Peek Time Delay
Users can close windows right from the preview window and even view full size previews with Aero Peek.
Posted:2009-03-17, 2417 views

Master File Table Zone Reservation
Under this key there is a setting called NtfsMftZoneReservation, the default setting of which is 1.
Posted:2009-06-20 , 1721 views

Ditch the tooltips
Posted:2011-06-04, 1018 views

Add "Take Ownership" to Right-Click Menu
To take ownership of a file or directory, you'd normally right click the object, select properties, open the security tab, click advanced, open the owner tab, select a new owner, then click apply.
Posted:2009-01-22 , 2613 views

Override OWA attachment size limit in Exchange 2003
To override the attachment size limit for OWA public folder posts (default attachment size limit is 1 MB) in Exchange Server 2003: Open the registry on the computer running Microsoft Exchange and navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services \MSExchange WEB\OWA Under OWA, create a new DWORD named Message Size Limit.
Posted:2008-10-24, 4859 views

Increasing File System Caching
To increase the amount of memory Windows will locked for I/O operations: 1.
Posted:2006-10-03, 1797 views

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