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This handy little database contains interesting facts and observations for you to present to your site users.

This is a backup file, created using MySQL dump 10.13, so you should be able to import this quite easily to your MySQL installation.

The database itself contains two columns:

  • Randomfact_ID - The unique identifier of the record, auto-incremented
  • Facts - Text field containing the fact

Here is a sample of some of the items in the table:
  • Queen Anne had a transvestite cousin, Lord Cornbury, whom she assigned to be governor of New York and New Jersey. The colonists were not amused.
  • Young women in Atlanta used to refer to their private parts as "janers."
  • Erotodromomania is the abnormal impulse to travel to escape painful sexual situations.
  • Trobriand Islanders (off the coast of New Guinea) have euphemism for having sex that translates to "scraping the tapioca."
  • The name of the horse pictured on the Wyoming license plate is: Steamboat
  • A hat trick originally meant three goals scored in a row, with no intervening goals by the other team. We use it to mean three goals scored by the same player.
  • The puck is made of vulcanized rubber, three inches in diameter and one inch thick. It is solid to reduce bouncing, and weighs about 6 ounces.

The record set actually contains 2,226 items int total. Download Now, and enjoy!

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