Computer Hackers: A Threat to Computer Security

Posted On 2013-10-01 by gloriaphilips
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A computer itself does not create threats to its own security, but it is the people that develop these threats to make easy money.

The PC users become the victim of computer threats from the hackers and predators by accessing to the internet. It results in an exponentially increasing threat to your own computer security. Hackers are the illegal users who get in your computer system to steal or damage the information. Without your knowledge, these hackers would install dangerous malware in your system with their detailed knowledge and cleaver tactics.

How Can Your Computer Become a Victim?

If your computer is connected to the internet, then it becomes susceptible to the security threats posed by the hackers. These hackers typically use fake websites, spam email or phishing scams to deliver dangerous malware compromising your computer security. Without firewall protection, hackers can directly access private and computer information. They can also scrutinize your personal web page or monitor your audio or video conversations. Hackers carry a fake identity and they tempt you to reveal your personal or financial information.

Actions of Hackers

With your computer connected to the internet, the malware installed by the hacker can quietly transmit your computer information without your permission. It is also possible to steal private information that you may reveal unwittingly. They can cause a serious threat by stealing your usernames and passwords, making purchases from your credit card, ruining your credit, selling your information for illegal purposes, obtaining cash advances, using and abusing your social security number. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful when you are online.

Identify Hackers

Some of us may be unaware of how to identify the fake websites or other dangerous hacking tools. You need to check the accuracy of your personal documents, credit cards and accounts. In case of unauthorized changes or doubtful unexplained transactions, you need to get more alert if the hackers have already become a security threat. If you are receiving constant irrelevant pop-ups of dating or adult sites, then you should also get your computer checked for dangerous malware.

Protect your Computer from Hackers

Your computer will not be vulnerable to the tactics of hackers once you have the correct knowledge and resources. In order to protect your computer from hackers, you need to continually check the accuracy of personal accounts, deal with discrepancies immediately, limit posting of personal information on websites, monitor the friend requests carefully, use caution for entering chat rooms or meeting online friend or acquaintance, and do not share personal or financial information in online conversations.

Some steps will prevent the hackers even from entering your computer since prevention is better than cure. Using a two way firewall will not allow hackers to enter your computer. You should avoid questionable websites and increase the security settings of your browser. Regularly update your computer operating systems and download software from only trusted sites. Do not open messages from unknown senders and immediately delete the suspected messages. Install best security software programs on your computer including antivirus protection and antispyware protection software.

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