How US IP Address can Help in Accessing Restricted Websites

Posted On 2013-10-13 by gloriaphilips
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The need for an alternate IP Address

We’ve all been in the situation where we’re travelling abroad and need to access some local website for checking our emails or other stuff… But the catch is, this local website may be banned overseas and you will not be able to access it anywhere other than your own country, thus the need for an alternate IP address is realized; using this IP address you can access such websites with relative ease and safely browse the internet, even accessing websites that have specific restrictions by law. There are a lot of methods in which one can obtain an alternate IP address, usually users prefer getting a US IP since it is more than adequate for gaining access to a large number of websites. The most common method of doing so is by using a VPN, alternately; you might use Paid Proxies, Free HTTP Proxy Servers, and Web Proxies.

What is a VPN? Is it safe?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network, it is essentially a network within a network, and differs from other IP methods in the sense that it is a lot more secure, speedy, as well as reliable. Web proxies are probably the easiest way of getting a US IP address, but the connection speed is often very slow, which leads to leggy browsing capabilities, as well as failure from supporting a large number of applications as well, the same can be said about Paid US Proxies that offer only slight improvements in performance; the connection is also not as secure as VPN. VPNs are quite safe, and they might even be used to gain access to your company’s intranet where you can respond to your emails too, in case you are abroad and don’t have access to the intranet.

Hotspot Shield can provide you US IPs:

There are various VPN software(s) that can be downloaded online or purchased through specific channels from websites as well as the usual market. Hotspot Shield is one such VPN software that has seen widespread use and popularity. This software can be had in two versions; the basic trial version, which is free, and the premium version which charges an annual subscription fee. Hotspot Shield in its premium guild boasts decent amount of internet bandwidth, offering buffer free access to YouTube and other websites that may be banned in your area. It can also effectively hide your identity too, so your computer is safe from hackers. Admittedly, VPNs aren’t as safe as genuine antivirus, but the capability is there.

Top 5 VPNs designed for your PC:

There are literally hundreds of VPNs that you can download online; the most popular one has been discussed above. But the top 5 VPNs in addition to the one mentioned above include most notably UltraSurf, Strong VPN, ibVPN, HideMyAss, and Express VPN. You can find all of these VPNs on the internet or torrent sites.

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