iPhone Cases - Protect Your Kid From Damage

Posted On 2014-02-18 by gloriaphilips
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A potential danger

Use of cell phones has become pretty common these days. Not too long ago if a parent used to ask his child of around 12-13 years old, what he wants for his birthday, the reply would be along the lines of toys or something equally harmless, but now the reply you are most likely to get these days is a smart phone preferably an iphone. So the question is, is it really a good idea to gift your child an iPhone? Before you do that you need to be aware of the dangers you expose your child to. As amazing as iPhone sound, they could be a threat to the health of your child, both in the capacity of mental and physical one.

The threats imposed

A child does not know what is suitable for him. He will ask for everything that becomes the rage of town. It becomes the responsibility of the parents to decide what the best option is. Coming to iphones, let us look at some of the dangers that can be faced by your kid. According to researches and studies, iphones have a very serious impact on the development of your kid as well his mental progression. Why? The reason is simple. This is a period when he needs to focus on simple things in life. He needs to interact with people and enjoy the simple moments. With an iphone, the kid becomes so immersed in it that all day he will be found playing with it and doing things on the phone. The result? Decreased eye sight at an early age, lack of sleep leading to serious health issues and no interaction with the people making him a social outcast for many years to come are some probable outcomes. This is not it. Research has showed that the radiation form iphones can lead to memory loss, cancer and other diseases. Now let us focus on the social implications. Your child has a phone with a dozen types of apps. He is exposed to all kinds of things that are not proper for him at his age. It is easy to stray from path with an iphone in hand.

Is it worth it?

There is no denying that the iphones are a fantastic innovation but there is a time for everything. You do not need to get your kid an iphone simply because everyone else has it. You may not realize but your kid might lose out on many important things when he is focused on the object in his hand. Explain to him the simple fact that all good things come to those who wait. There is no need to be hasty. Protect your child from the various dangers that are associated with iphones. If he is so intent on using them, you can loan him yours for a short period of time but refrain from giving it to him permanently. This little strictness will benefit your child in the long run.

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