Automatic Message Archiving in MS Outlook

Posted On 2008-03-01 by FortyPoundHead
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Outlook will occasionally check how old your mail is in your Inbox to determine if it is an ideal time to archive. By archiving, Outlook will move your old items from your Inbox to another file; your "Archive" file. These messages will still be available to you, but they will not be visible in your regular Inbox. Therefore, less messages, less clutter!

Archiving Messages Automatically

  1. Click the Tools menu and click Options from the menu that appears.

  2. Click the "Other" tab in the dialog box that appears.

  3. Click the AutoArchive button on the screen that appears.

  4. From this screen, you can select from several options.

    • AutoArchive every 14 days -- Outlook will archive your mail according to the number of days you selected.

    • Prompt before AutoArchive -- By selecting this option, Outlook will display a message with an option to cancel the AutoArchive procedure for that particular day.

    • Delete expired items when AutoArchiving (e-mail folders only) Outlook will delete any expired e-mail messages instead of archiving the messages.

    • Default archive file -- This is the storage location for the archived messages.

  5. Select the options you would like to use. They will then be checked.

  6. Click the OK button. The Settings will be saved.

  7. Click OK again in the next dialog that appears.

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