What is Windows Millennium Edition (Me)?

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Windows Millennium Edition (Me) is an operating system from Microsoft
designed for the home user. It is an upgrade for either Windows
or 98. Windows Me focuses on multimedia support,
usability and stability, home networking, and Internet

UITS recommends that your current computer meet the
following minimum system requirements before you upgrade to Windows

  • Pentium II Celeron processor, 350Mhz

  • 64MB RAM

  • 4GB hard drive with 1GB free before installing Windows Me

  • DirectX compatible video card with 4MB VRAM

  • Sound Blaster compatible sound capability with two speakers

  • 17" color monitor (15.9" viewable area), .28dp resolution

  • 24X CD-ROM drive

  • 1.44MB floppy drive

  • Standard Windows keyboard

  • Microsoft 2-button mouse

  • 10/100 Ethernet card or a 56K modem

    For information about purchasing modems or Ethernet cards, see the UITS
    ComputerGuide at:


According to Microsoft, the minimum system requirements for Windows Me are:
  • VGA or higher resolution monitor

  • Pentium 150MHz processor or better

  • 32MB RAM or better

  • 480MB to 645MB free hard-disk space

  • CD-ROM drive

  • 28.8Kbs modem or faster with current Internet connection

  • Sound card

  • Speakers or headphones

  • Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device

For more information about Windows Me, including optional features, see:

Indiana University faculty, staff, or students are eligible to
purchase Windows Me for $5 plus tax through the Microsoft Enterprise
License Agreement. For more information, see the Knowledge Base
document At IU, where can I get a copy of Windows Me?

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