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FolderView Control Active-X

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

FolderView (updated 18-August-2002). A Vb6 constituent control (piggy-backs Treeview). Enumerates drives, folders AND optional files with user specified FileFilter property (example: *.zip;*.rar;*.ace). Great for making Explorer, WinZip, Archiver clones. Supports tiled background image (wallpaper), optional drag-drop. Uses API (sorry, no Slow DIR or FSO code here!). Expands on demand for speed. Plus signs are added when a child folder OR user-specified file is detected. Demo uses Listview (with column sorting) to show files. Zip enumeration with no 3rd party Dll needed. Check out other goodies such as CVC function to handle 64-bit NTFS file sizes, rip column header strings direct from Windows Dll's so they appear in YOUR language, get FileTypes (including those in Zip's!) direct from registry (very fast with dupe check), verbose Zip Method function conforms to PkZip 2.04g specs, extended Attribute Formatter, Size Formatter that handles bytes Kb Mb Gb Tb Pb Eb Zb Yb, and recursive FolderSize function. Tested on WinME (English) & Win2000 (Portuguese).
Because Dll are no longer allowed in uploads you will need to build as follows:
1. Load TvBackDll.Vbp and compile DLL.

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Visual Basic 6

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