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Patch It Yourself

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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Hello everyone :) Today here is a little program that is going to help you... or not at all!
It's a program that reads information from a proprietary file with the extension .PIY and applies a patch to any file! As long as this file is the proper one :) .PIY files are plain text files. You can create them using any text editor like notepad, or using my other program "PIY Patch Creator".
Before the patch is applied, the program checks that the file to be patched you pointed to has the right name, the right size, and the right hexadecimal values at the right places! It will check that the patch file structure is ok too, propose to backup the old file, and can even revert the patch if it detects that it is already patched (even if a backup was not created).
Also features my scrolling caption thingy, APIs to open Common Dialog (no control), set the form to a circe one, allow to move it, and copy a file (for the backup). Don't worry, I didn't invent these APIs myself, I got them from the web here and there :) Don't remember where though, sorry for the lack of credits... The patching engine is all mine though.
Oh, to answer a question: this program can NOT patch a file so has to change its size! It's purposed is to apply minor updates, like changing a variable value, little things like that.
That's it, take care girls and guys, and I hope you will find an application to this one :)

Original Author: Cricri

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