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What is AutoArchive in Outlook?

If you're someone who relies on Microsoft Outlook for managing your emails, you might have come across the term "AutoArchive." But what exactly is AutoArchive, and how does it work? In this beginner-friendly guide, we'll unravel the mystery behind AutoArchive and explore how it can help you keep your Outlook mailbox organized and clutter-free.

What is AutoArchive?

AutoArchive is a nifty feature in Microsoft Outlook designed to help users manage their mailbox by automatically moving older emails to a separate location, typically an archive folder. This helps in decluttering your main mailbox without permanently deleting important emails.

How Does AutoArchive Work?

  1. Setting Up AutoArchive: To get started with AutoArchive, follow these simple steps:

    • Open Microsoft Outlook.
    • Navigate to the "File" tab.
    • Click on "Options" and then select "Advanced."
    • Under the "AutoArchive" section, click on "AutoArchive Settings."
  2. Configuring AutoArchive Settings: Once you're in the AutoArchive Settings, you'll find a range of options to customize how AutoArchive works for you. Here are some key settings:

    • Run AutoArchive every: Set how frequently you want AutoArchive to run.
    • Prompt before AutoArchive runs: If you want a reminder before AutoArchive starts, check this option.
    • Delete expired items (email folders only): Enable this if you want to delete items that have passed their expiration date.
  3. Choosing Folders to AutoArchive:

    • Click on the "File" tab, choose "Options," and select "Advanced."
    • Under the "AutoArchive" section, click on "AutoArchive Settings."
    • Here, you can select the folders you want to AutoArchive and set specific archive settings for each.
  4. Setting Folder-Specific AutoArchive Options:

    • After choosing the folders, you can set individual AutoArchive settings for each by selecting the folder and clicking on "Settings."
    • Customize the archive settings based on your preferences.
  5. Finding Your Archived Items:

    • By default, archived items are moved to a folder named "Archive," but you can choose a different location during the setup.
    • To access your archived items, locate the Archive folder in your Outlook navigation pane.

Benefits of Using AutoArchive

  1. Free Up Space: AutoArchive helps you keep your main mailbox uncluttered by moving older items to a separate folder, freeing up valuable space.

  2. Efficient Email Management: Stay organized by automatically archiving emails based on your preferences, ensuring that your mailbox remains manageable.

  3. Preserve Important Emails: Instead of permanently deleting emails, AutoArchive allows you to store them in an archive folder, preserving important information.

  4. Improved Outlook Performance: A leaner mailbox means faster Outlook performance, making your email experience smoother.


In conclusion, AutoArchive in Microsoft Outlook is a handy tool for anyone looking to streamline their email management. By automating the process of archiving older items, you can keep your mailbox organized, free up space, and ensure that important emails are safely preserved. Give AutoArchive a try, and watch as your Outlook experience becomes more efficient and clutter-free!

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