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Default Password ListMost devices that you can purchase, such as routers, managed switches, servers, even software packages, come pre-configured with a default username and password. From time to time, you need to reset the configuration. But alas, you cannot remember the default password, and that documentation is long gone. The answer may just lie in this handy lookup tool.

If you need to generate a new password, you can try one of three password generators here, here, or here.

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There are currently 1825 passwords in the database.

Enter a search phrase in the field above, like Cisco or LinkSys, then click the Search button. If there are entries available, they'll be shown in this space. Or to browse all items for a particular manufacturer, simply click it in the list below.

3COM 3M Accelerated Networks acer
actiontec ADC Kentrox ADP Adtran
Advanced Integration Alcatel Alcatel Thomson allied
Allied Telesyn Alteon AMBIT AMI
Amigo Amptron APACHE APC
Apple Arlotto Asante Ascend
Aspect AST Asus AT&T
Autodesk Avaya Award Axis
backtrack Bay Networks BEA BECU
Belkin BinTec Biodata Biostar
BLACKBOX BMC BMC Software boson
Breezecom Brother Cabletron Canon
Cayman Celerity checkpoint Cisco
Cisco-Arrowpoint Cnet Compaq Computer Associates
Conceptronic Concord Conexant Conitec
Crystalview CTX International CyberMax Cyclades
D-Link Daewoo Dallas Semiconductors darkman
Datacom Daytek decnet
Dell Demarc Develcon Dictaphone
Digicorp Digital Equipment Dynalink
Dynix Library Systems E-Tech Edimax Efficient
Efficient Networks Efficinet Networks Elsa ELSyNiqn
emachines enCAD Enox Enterasys
Epox Ericsson EverFocus Extreme Networks
Firebird Flowpoint Fortigate Fortinet
Freetech Funk Software Galacticomm GE
Gigabyte Greatspeed Hewlett-Packard Honeywell
IBM Innovaphone Intel Interbase
Intershop intex Iwill JD Edwards
JDS Microprocessing Jetform JetWay Joss Technology
Keyscan Konica Minolta Kyocera Lanier
Lantronics Lantronix Linksys Linux
Livingston Livingstone Lucent M Technology
MachSpeed Macromedia Magic-Pro Main Street Softworks
Marconi McAfee Megastar Memotec
Mentec MERCURY metro micro soft
Micron Micronet Micronics Microplex
microRouter Microsoft Mintel Mitel
Mobotix Motorola mro software MRV
NCR Netcomm Netgear NetGenesis
Netopia Netport Netscreen Network Appliance
Network Associates NeXT NGSEcure Nimble
nokia Norstar Nortel Novell
Nurit OCE Oki Olicom Openwave Optus oracle
orange Osicom Pacific Micro Data Packard Bell
penril datability PentaSafe Philips phoenix
Planet Prime Promise Prostar
Protocraft Pyramid Computer QDI Quantex
Quantum Radio Shack Raidzone Ramp Networks
RedHat redline Research Ricoh
Riverbed rm Safecom SAP
SAP client EARLYWATCH securstar Semaphore Server Technology
Sharp Shiva ShoreTel Shuttle
Siemens Siemens Nixdorf Siips Silicon Graphics
smartBridges SmartSwitch smc SnapGear
Softwarehouse SonicWALL Sony Speedstream
SpeedXess Spike sprint Stratitec
Sun SuperMicro SuSE GmbH Sweex
Sybase Sybase (DATEV) Symantec Symbol
Tecom Tellabs TELTRONIC S.A.U. Thomson
Tiara Networks Tinys TMC Toshiba
Toshiba 8000 Tp link Trend Micro Tsunami
UNIX US Robotics UsRobotics Utstar
Veramark Verifone Vextrec Technology Vobis
WAAV warraCorp Watch guard weblogic
Westell Wim Bervoets winwork WorldClient
WWWBoard Wyse xavi Xerox
Xylan Xyplex Zenith ZEOS