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Bad Video File Crashes Explorer
When you open a file in Windows XP that has a corrupted video, image files, HTML pages, or MP3 file, Windows Explorer crashes.
Posted:2009-03-07 , 1771 views

PC Restarts When “Shut Down” is Clicked
When you click on the Shut Down option, your computer restarts instead of shutting down.
Posted:2008-04-16, 1747 views

How to Restore the Animated Internet Explorer Logo
When you browse the Internet using Internet Explorer, the animated logo spins indicating that activity is taking place.
Posted:2007-11-12, 2330 views

Disable Low Disk Space Warning
When you are low on disk space Windows XP is nice enough to inform you of this.
Posted:2008-01-14, 1729 views

Yellow ! On PCMCIA Network Adapter
When using a PCMCIA network adapter under Windows 98 you might not be able to connect the computer to the network, and under Control Panel > System there is a yellow exclamation mark next to the card.
Posted:2005-11-1, 1855 views

Automatic Hidden Shares
When networking has been installed on a Windows NT machine, it will automatically create hidden shares to the local disk drives.
Posted:2007-06-20, 1920 views

Change Registered Owner or Company in Vista
When installing Windows Vista, you may inadvertantly mispell the Registered User or Company name.
Posted:2009-04-08, 1853 views

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