How to Configure Outlook Express

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How to Configure Outlook Express?

You can configure the outlook express to send and receive the emails by the following methods.

  1. Open Outlook express.

  2. Next enter your display name and press the next button.

  3. Enter your default email address where you want to receive the emails.

  4. In the “Incoming mail POP3, IMAP or HTTP server” box enter the POP3 settings. (You may get these settings from your local ISP). It will be something like this (POP3 is used for receiving the emails.)

  5. In the outgoing mail (SMTP server) enter the settings as provided you by your local ISP. It may be something like this (SMTP is used for sending the emails).

  6. After filling both the above boxes click next. In the next screen (Internet Mail Logon), enter the user name and password as provided to you by your local ISP.

  7. Click next and then finish.

Note: If you want to add more email accounts in your Outlook express, you can do it by the following method.

  1. Open outlook express

  2. Open Tools menu > Accounts > Mail > Click Add button on the right side and click Mail.

  3. Here you can repeat all the above mentioned settings to configure the new email accounts.

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