What is the Start Menu?

Posted On 2009-01-01 by FortyPoundHead
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The Start menu is a feature of Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista that provides a quick way to perform many common tasks, such as launching programs or using control panels. The Start menu appears when you click the Start button, which is located at one end of the Taskbar, typically at the lower left corner of the desktop.

Note: The Windows XP default desktop view and Start menu are different from the Windows Classic View (e.g., in Windows 2000). Therefore, navigating to certain items can be different. In the interest of broad applicability, most Knowledge Base instructions assume you are using Classic View. For information about switching your Windows XP default view to Classic View, see In Windows XP, how do I switch to the Windows Classic View, Classic theme, or Classic Control Panel?

The Start menu includes options for:

  • Running programs, either by selecting from a menu (which you can customize) or by entering text in a dialog box
  • Accessing recently used documents
  • Accessing control panels
  • Finding files, folders, or computers
  • Getting help
  • Shutting down or logging out of the computer

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