Fighting the Blue Screen of Death

Posted On 2009-07-13 by FortyPoundHead
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Windows is sometimes blamed for many things that happen when you are using your PC and they may or may not be to blame. One of the things that they are not to blame for is in answer to the question what causes beginning dump of physical memory? This question is difficult to answer.

When most people see this and the computer restarts to reboot several times, they will just restart the computer. This seems to work for a short time and then it happens again. This leaves the person wondering what causes beginning dump of physical memory or Blue Screen of Death.

There are many things that can create the Blue Screen of Death. Some of these include:

  1. A missing .dll file - this is a file that helps run each program and is a part of all the programs on your computer. Sometimes one of these files can be missing or corrupted.

  2. RAM-- your RAM hardware can have a problem which requires new RAM or more RAM.

  3. Problems with memory -- there may be a problem with the allocation of your memory on your computer.

  4. COM error -- there may be a reason that your computer is miscommunication to itself.

In any of these situations you may be facing a new computer or spending money to have a computer technician look at your computer and fix the problem. Usually a technician will take everything off your computer and reinstall the operating system. Some people say this is important to do once a year and it may answer what causes beginning dump of physical memory.

Another way to answer this question of what causes Blue Screen of Death is to use a registry cleaner on your computer from time to time. Many have free downloads and this may prevent your computer from beginning dump of physical memory. A registry cleaner will surely save you a lot of hassles.

You can also prevent causes Blue Screen of Death by doing regular maintenance on your computer. Doing the regular things like keeping your virus prescriptions up to date and doing regular virus scans, getting rid of temporary files, and doing simple scans will help.

This can help answer your question of what causes Blue Screen of Death and keep your computer healthy.

Two things to do regularly are Scan Disk and Disk Cleanup. These two programs are part of the Windows System and can be found by going to Start, All Programs, Accessories and System Tools. You can choose each of these from there and follow the prompts.

Another thing you can do is to check out what websites you are going to and make sure they are not ones that can harm your computer. This is a message that some websites show when you do a search on the computer.

These things can help answer the question of what causes beginning dump of physical memory and keep your computer on track.

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