Default Password List: S - Z

Posted On 2011-04-08 by FortyPoundHead
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The final in the series of default device passwords, this table will show devices that start with S, T, U, V, W, X, Y or Z.

This page represents just a portion of the complete data, and may be stale. Want a searchable and browsable version of the complete database? Try the Default Password List tool.

Manufacturer Product Revision Protocol User Password
Safecom Router Multi admin epicrouter
SAP SAP SAP client DDIC 19920706
SAP SAP SAP client SAP* 7061992
SAP client EARLYWATCH SAP Telnet admin Support
securstar ikey 1000 Multi admin rainbow
Semaphore PICK O/S DS
Semaphore PICK O/S DSA
Server Technology Sentry Remote Power Manager Multi ADMN admn
Server Technology Sentry Remote Power Manager Multi GEN1 gen1
Server Technology Sentry Remote Power Manager Multi GEN2 gen2
Sharp AR-280 HTTP none sysadm
Sharp AR-336 HTTP n/a sysadm
Shiva Integrator 150/200/500 Multi admin hello
ShoreTel Conference Bridge Multi Admin admin1
ShoreTel ShoreTel Call Manager Multi admin changeme
ShoreTel ShoreWare Director Multi admin changeme
Shuttle PC BIOS n/a Spacve
Siemens APACS Serial n/a gubed
siemens hipath Multi n/a (none)
Siemens HiPath 3000 Multi 31994 31994
Siemens Optipoint Multi n/a 123456
Siemens PhoneMail tech tech
Siemens PhoneMail poll tech
Siemens PhoneMail sysadmin sysadmin
Siemens Phonemail Multi tech field
Siemens QUADLOG Serial n/a gubed
Siemens ROLM PBX eng engineer
Siemens ROLM PBX op op
Siemens ROLM PBX op operator
Siemens ROLM PBX su super
Siemens ROLM PBX admin pwp
SIEMENS SE515 HTTP admin (none)
Siemens WinCC Other WinCCConnect 2WSXcder
Siemens WinCC Other WinCCAdmin 2WSXcde.
Siemens Nixdorf PC BIOS Console n/a SKY_FOX
Siips Trojan 8974202 Multi Administrator ganteng
Silicon Graphics IRIX Multi tutor (none)
Silicon Graphics IRIX Multi tutor tutor
Silicon Graphics IRIX Multi 4Dgifts 4Dgifts
Silicon Graphics IRIX Multi 4Dgifts (none)
Silicon Graphics IRIX Multi Ezsetup (none)
Silicon Graphics IRIX Multi demos (none)
Silicon Graphics IRIX Multi tour tour
Silicon Graphics IRIX 5.x 6.x Multi lp (none)
Silicon Graphics IRIX 5.x 6.x Multi guest (none)
Silicon Graphics IRIX Multi OutOfBox (none)
Silicon Graphics IRIX Multi field field
smartBridges airBridge 2.x Multi admin public
SmartSwitch Router 250 ssr2500 v3.0.9 Multi admin (none)
smc 7004FW HTTP none none
smc 7204bra HTTP smc smcadmin
SMC 7901W/BRA Multi admin smcadmin
SMC 7901W/BRA HTTP admin smcadmin
SMC Barricade 7004 AWBR Multi admin (none)
SMC Router All HTTP admin admin
SMC Wireless Router 2655W 1.4h.9 HTTP None Needed MiniAP
snapgear firewall Multi root admin
SnapGear SnapGear Multi root default
Softwarehouse CCURE Access Control System (all) Console manager manager
SoLPmpjh IOKxYhkhXTe ubrudeyzpZ OUUnbUfOwPvFaWEMg VBHqlfwVxmeIC
SonicWALL ALL ALL HTTP admin password
SonicWALL Firewall Multi admin password
Sonicwall Firewall HTTP admin password
Sony Network Camera SNC-RZ30 HTTP admin admin
Speedstream 5861 SMT Router Multi admin admin
Speedstream 5871 IDSL Router Multi admin admin
Speedstream DSL Multi admin admin
Speedstream Router 250 ssr250 Multi admin admin
SpeedXess HASE-120 Multi (none) speedxess
Spike CPE Console enable (none)
sprint pcs Other self system
Stratitec TimeIPS All Console root ahetzip8
stuccoboy stuccoboy Multi stuccoboy 100198
Sun JavaWebServer 1.x 2.x AdminSrv admin admin
SUN many Other root sun123
SuperMicro PC BIOS Console n/a ksdjfg934t
SuSE GmbH Emailserver 1.x Telnet root root
Sweex Broadband Router LB000020 HTTP none blank
Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.x 12.x Multi sa (none)
Sybase Sybase 8 Multi DBA SQL
Sybase (DATEV) Adaptive Server Enterprise 12 Multi sa sasasa
Symantec NAV CORP / ALL HTTP admin symantec
Symantec Norton Antivirus Corp Ed. all Multi n/a symantec
Symantec VPN-Firewall 100 Multi admin (none)
Symbol ap5131 HTTP admin symbol
Symbol Spectrum 24 Access Point HTTP Symbol Symbol
Tecom Titan 2.06 Other TECOM MASTER 4346
Tellabs Titan 5500 FP 6.x Multi tellabs tellabs#1
TELTRONIC S.A.U. NEBULA Multi admin tetra
Thomson SpeedTouch580 4.3.19 HTTP admin admin
Tiara Networks (router???) 1400 6100 6200 Multi n/a tiara
Tinys PC BIOS Console n/a Tiny
TMC PC BIOS Console n/a BIGO
Toshiba PC BIOS Console n/a toshy99
Toshiba PC BIOS Console n/a 24Banc81
Toshiba PC BIOS Console n/a Toshiba
Toshiba 8000 Laptop Multi n/a (none)
Tp link Tp link Multi admin admin
Trend Micro Viruswall all versions HTTP on port 1812 admin admin
Tsunami Tsunami-45 1 Multi managers managers
UNIX Generic Multi mountsys mountsys
UNIX Generic Multi news news
UNIX Generic Multi news (none)
UNIX Generic Multi nobody (none)
UNIX Generic Multi nobody nobody
UNIX Generic Multi nuucp (none)
UNIX Generic Multi operator operator
UNIX Generic Multi operator (none)
UNIX Generic Multi oracle (none)
UNIX Generic Multi postmaster postmast
UNIX Generic Multi postmaster (none)
UNIX Generic Multi powerdown powerdown
UNIX Generic Multi rje rje
UNIX Generic Multi root root
UNIX Generic Multi root (none)
UNIX Generic Multi setup setup
UNIX Generic Multi shutdown shutdown
UNIX Generic Multi shutdown (none)
UNIX Generic Multi sync sync
UNIX Generic Multi sync (none)
UNIX Generic Multi sys sys
UNIX Generic Multi sys system
UNIX Generic Multi sys bin
UNIX Generic Multi sysadm sysadm
UNIX Generic Multi sysadm admin
UNIX Generic Multi sysadmin sysadmin
UNIX Generic Multi sysbin sysbin
UNIX Generic Multi system_admin (none)
UNIX Generic Multi checkfsys checkfsys
UNIX Generic Multi checksys checksys
UNIX Generic Multi daemon daemon
UNIX Generic Multi daemon (none)
UNIX Generic Multi demo demo
UNIX Generic Multi demo (none)
UNIX Generic Multi demos demos
UNIX Generic Multi demos (none)
UNIX Generic Multi dni (none)
UNIX Generic Multi dni dni
UNIX Generic Multi fal (none)
UNIX Generic Multi fal fal
UNIX Generic Multi fax (none)
UNIX Generic Multi fax fax
UNIX Generic Multi ftp (none)
UNIX Generic Multi ftp ftp
UNIX Generic Multi games games
UNIX Generic Multi games (none)
UNIX Generic Multi gopher gopher
UNIX Generic Multi gropher (none)
UNIX Generic Multi guest guest
UNIX Generic Multi guest guestgue
UNIX Generic Multi guest (none)
UNIX Generic Multi halt halt
UNIX Generic Multi halt (none)
UNIX Generic HP-UX Multi root hp
UNIX Generic Multi informix informix
UNIX Generic Multi install install
UNIX Generic Multi lp lp
UNIX Generic Multi lp bin
UNIX Generic Multi lp lineprin
UNIX Generic Multi lp (none)
UNIX Generic Multi lpadm lpadm
UNIX Generic Multi lpadmin lpadmin
UNIX Generic Multi lynx lynx
UNIX Generic Multi lynx (none)
UNIX Generic Multi mail (none)
UNIX Generic Multi mail mail
UNIX Generic Multi man man
UNIX Generic Multi man (none)
UNIX Generic Multi me (none)
UNIX Generic Multi me me
UNIX Generic Multi mountfs mountfs
UNIX Generic Multi mountfsys mountfsys
UNIX Generic Multi system_admin system_admin
UNIX Generic Multi trouble trouble
UNIX Generic Multi umountfs umountfs
UNIX Generic Multi umountfsys umountfsys
UNIX Generic Multi umountsys umountsys
UNIX Generic Multi unix unix
UNIX Generic Multi user user
UNIX Generic Multi uucp uucp
UNIX Generic Multi uucpadm uucpadm
UNIX Generic Multi web (none)
UNIX Generic Multi web web
UNIX Generic Multi webmaster webmaster
UNIX Generic Multi webmaster (none)
UNIX Generic Multi www (none)
UNIX Generic Multi www www
UNIX Generic Multi adm adm
UNIX Generic Multi adm (none)
UNIX Generic Multi admin admin
UNIX Generic Multi administrator administrator
UNIX Generic Multi administrator (none)
UNIX Generic Multi anon anon
UNIX Generic Multi bbs bbs
UNIX Generic Multi bbs (none)
UNIX Generic Multi bin sys
UNIX Generic Multi checkfs checkfs
US Robotics USR8000 1.23 / 1.25 Multi root admin
UsRobotics USR8550 3.0.5 Multi Any 12345
Utstar UT300R Multi admin utstar
Veramark eCAS HTTP admin password
Verifone Verifone Junior 2.05 (none) 166816
Vextrec Technology PC BIOS Console n/a Vextrex
Vobis PC BIOS Console n/a merlin
WAAV X2 HTTP admin waav
warraCorp janon 2.1 HTTP pepino pepino
Watch guard firebox 1000 Multi admin (none)
weblogic weblogic HTTP system weblogic
Westell Versalink 2200 Multi admin password
Westell Versalink 327 Multi admin password
Westell Versalink 6100 Multi admin password
Wim Bervoets WIMBIOSnbsp BIOS Console n/a Compleri
winwork iso sistemi Multi operator (none)
WorldClient AdminServer HTTP:2001 WebAdmin Admin
Wyse Winterm 5440XL VNC VNC winterm
Wyse Winterm 5440XL Console root wyse
xavi X7722r all HTTP admin admin
Xerox Fiery HTTP Administrator Fiery.1
Xerox Multi Function Equipment Multi admin 2222
Xerox Phaser 3600 HTTP admin 1111
Xerox WorkCenter Pro 428 HTTP admin admin
Xylan Omniswitch Telnet admin switch
Xylan Omniswitch Telnet diag switch
Xyplex Routers Port 7000 n/a system
Xyplex Routers Port 7000 n/a access
Xyplex Terminal Server Port 7000 n/a access
Xyplex Terminal Server Port 7000 n/a system
Zenith PC BIOS Console n/a 3098z
Zenith PC BIOS Console n/a Zenith
ZEOS PC BIOS Console n/a zeosx
Zyxel 642R Telnet (none) 1234
Zyxel Generic 1 Multi Admin atc456
Zyxel Generic Routers Telnet n/a 1234
Zyxel P861H Multi admin 1234
ZyXEL Prestige Telnet (none) 1234
ZyXEL Prestige FTP root 1234
ZyXEL Switch ES-2108-G Multi admin 1234
Zyxel Zywall Multi admin 1234

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