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Posted On 2012-10-07 by dwirch
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Every new Windows operating system includes some new keyboard shortcuts. If you have been a user of technology for any amount of time, you probably know a few of these yourself. You might even know a few that are not on this list.

Keyboard commandos swear by some of these shortcuts. You can just about do anything in Windows from the keyboard, without interacting with the mouse. Wielded properly, keyboard shortcuts like these can greatly increase the speed at which your operate your computer.

Got some favorite keyboard shortcuts that are not listed here? Let the world know your secret by posting it in the comments.

Windows KeyShows the new Start screen.
Windows Key + BGo to the desktop from the Start screen
Windows Key + CShows the Charms bar
Windows Key + DStandard Windows desktop. Also minimizes/restores all open windows in desktop mode.
Windows Key + EOpens Windows Explorer
Windows Key + FInstant search for files.
Windows Key + HOpens the Windows share panel
Windows Key + ISettings sidebar (control panel, network, volume, brightness, notifications, and more).
Windows Key + JSwitches focus between snapped Metro apps.
Windows Key + KOpens the Devices panel (for connecting to a projector or some other device)
Windows Key + LLocks Windows.
Windows Key + MMinimize all windows on the desktop
Windows Key + OLocks device orientation
Windows Key + PShows multi-monitor options, also useful for connecting an external monitor or projector.
Windows Key + QShows all installed apps.
Windows Key + ROpen a Run box
Windows Key + UOpen the Ease of Access center (opens in dekstop mode)
Windows Key + VCycle through toasts
Windows Key + WInstant search for settings.
Windows Key + XPower user shortcut menu (Device Manager, Control Panel, Command Prompt, Power Options, etc.).
Windows Key + YPeek at the desktop
Windows Key + ZShows App Bar in Metro applications.
Windows Key + Left / Right arrowMoves and snaps desktop applications in that direction, or to a different monitor.
Windows Key + Page Up / DownMoves full-screen Metro app to secondary monitor.
Windows Key + , (comma)Aero Peek at desktop
Windows Key + type keywordInstant application search (same as in Windows 7).
Windows Key + . (period)Snaps the current Metro app to the right side of the screen. Do it twice and it will snap to the left.
Windows Key + Shift + . (period)Snaps the current Metro app to the left side of the screen.
Windows Key + TabSwitches between open applications. Similar to using the left-upper hot corner with a mouse.
Ctrl + - (minus sign)Zoom out
Ctrl + + (plus sign)Zoom in

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