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Welcome to the Weekly Brain Dump, where we explore humor, horror and strange news from around the interwebs.

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IT has commandeered a new storage room

New Storage Room

Help desk it all, right?

via Ethanacho

So I bartend at a hotel, and we get some interesting folk. I had a gentleman recently who was staying in the hotel for several days, and we got quite friendly. I guess he worked for a hospital for a long time, the majority of which was in tech support. The best story he shared took place in his first week on the job.

He was sitting at his desk, working on some menial work, when his phone rings.

A sonographer was on the other end, and told him he needed to get to where she was A.S.A.P..

So he walks down the hall and arrives at the room. The sonographer is standing there, and sitting in a chair was an older gentleman who had apparently passed away after finishing his appointment.

The sonographer said he had to help her, and was asking him what to do.

"What the hell do you want me to do, reboot him?! Get a crash cart and a doctor why the hell did you call me? There are doctor's everywhere!" He yelled.

I guess she had run to the phone in a panic after walking in to the room with her next patient and decided "Help desk" was exactly what she needed.

Forgot to bring the long cable

Forgot to bring an extra long Cat 5 cable

Rule Number One: Never believe the user

via OneCrappieDay

I've been in tech support off some kind for several years now, but early in my career I learned a valuable lesson...

So, early on in my career I was tech support for an MSP and was very enthusiastic about my new job. I was considered a manager and wanted to help everyone! "Good tech guy" LOL

So I go to one of the other managers that is complaining about her sound not working on her computer. First thing I always do is ask the user, "Have you restarted your computer?" To which she responded yes. So, I ask if I can drive for a min. I go through the normal procedure of checking the windows volume in the task bar, then the windows volume, then the webpage volume, still won't work... check drivers, uninstall/reinstall, nothing is working.

I spent about an hour and half on this problem, using Google, etc....

Finally, at my wits end, I say to myself "I'll just restart and see what happens...."

Moral of the story: even if the user says they restarted/power cycled a device that you're trouble shooting... just restart it again...

Customer Requests Data Recovery

Customer requests data recovery

Patience is a Virtue

After I got all the headsets to work, I received a phone call of an employee of another location ($PlaceB) who was, lets say, a bit stressed.

$Me: Hello this is $Me from TechSupport at $PlaceA, how can I help you?
$Caller: Yes? Hello? Can you help me?
$Me: If you tell me whats wrong, I could give it a try.

He explains his problem and I soon realize, that I can't help him, as he is working at another location and the ITs there have to deal with it.

$Me: Sorry, but I can't help you, as I do not have the permissions for $PlaceB. You need to ask your local ITs.
$Caller: screams That's what I already did! They are doing exactly nothing these lazy insert any insult you want!
$Me: Sorry to hear that. Have a nice day and good luck!
$Caller just hangs up.

I then called my coworkers at $PlaceB and ask them about the problem of the $Caller. They told me, that they are already working on a fix and told $Caller that he should wait a bit.

Customer says it is plugged in

But still no sound ...

Still no sound

Isn't this how we double productivity?

Redneck engineering

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