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SystemIdleCheck: Version History

This page contains the version history of SystemIdleCheck. Each entry explains what items were add/changed/removed for that particular release.

In the interest of security, I started giving SHA256 file hashes for both the ZIP and EXE files for the program as of version If the hash of the file you have acquired does not match below, delete it; it's most likely got some bad stuff in there. This site is the only place you can get pure, unadulterated copies of the program.

You can check the hash of the file using the PowerShell get-hash cmdlet. Or your favorite file hashing tool.

File Hashes:
EXE: F7E1E00BE3EFC89DB77C5477AC129C03E87FBA8E179FB3377F4626975C0B1C00
ZIP: A054757E5D44107D3B09F2721A8AC9F7162F8063D2DF17707910ADBA40A402B4

File Hashes:
EXE: 30316E2B04C595E42067A7DAC1834181D94419BCCEA78C5C7E67318F30AFCB62
ZIP: AD4801C5B5740AC8C83D1CC6DC9F6744506AADD9EC7566A5F9C523E7188B73F6

File Hashes:
EXE: 7A1AEA3C6F4D55AA4687FBBA74E935AC7573985BB88D9764608A20550BCBCC1F
ZIP: F06E673BDE3AB7D5CF78A9F7895A517CA093F166297E675DDB8D4FC429E3C4E6

File Hashes:
EXE: 30C1B5D3DD987BF7A8BCD2B823ED00E0AB0FB58F58E87363162FD342E9193743
ZIP: 97268276DCC260BAAE346A15E3A4A7A39A5BCF69E331BFBEC69C5153152E2777

File Hashes:
EXE: D64F84A3C0BCA70DF9CD49AB86105314C2AAEA99B0F57E19BAE22C4BF0155474
ZIP: 4317B5D05593056BAFB9D46A43E6245B10167342D97C5C62CCA0E756031CDFEB

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Posted: 2019-07-22
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