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Savings Calculator (With Interest)

Posted: 2019-08-29
By: BetterWithFetter
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This calculator will figure how much you would save if you were to deposit a certain amount of money out of each check that you get every 2 weeks.

You can enter what interest you want to have on your amount and also see an extended savings total depending on how many years ahead you want to see. This calculator adds interest on the start of the next cycle that you have selected.

So if you select annual compounding of interst for one year you won' t see that interest unless the start of the next cycle. So if you put two years you see 2 years worth of savings and interest for the first year, since most banks don't add interest until the start of a new cycle for the previous cycle.

Special Instructions

This code originally appeared on, and has been republished here with the permission of Andrea Tincani.

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