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This is a VB Add-In DLL file (zipped) I came across that uses the VB IDE to display a treeview of your code Subs. Makes it easy to view your Sub structure and navigate to those procedures.

Also demonstrates a danger, one that we come across all the time but still should be aware - EXE's and DLLs can be harmful to your computer...indeed, in only a few lines of code your entire hard drive can be fried. It would have been nice to have the source code not only to provide comfort in knowing the program is safe, but also to show how to compile a DLL and control the VB IDE.

I tested this utility first, and have been using it for a few weeks and so far no problems -it's been really handy actually. I am posting it here because it has been a time saver and I think it will be of use to others, and to encourage the free distribution of source code for creative ideas.

In order to use the DLL you must first register it. Once it is registered it can be seleted in the VB IDE under the Add-Ins menu.

To register...

go to Start-->run


regsvr32 ""

registers the file (dll or ocx)

regsvr32 /u ""

unregisters the file

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Posted: 2019-09-04
By: bean
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Visual Basic 6

Posted: 9/4/2019 2:09:15 PM
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This code originally appeared on, and has been republished here with the permission of Andrea Tincani.

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