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Master/Detail Form

Posted: 2019-09-10
By: jayipee
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VB6 Custom Controls/Forms/Menus, VB6 Miscellaneous, VB6 Code Cache

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A powerful grid which was abandoned by the original author (Richard Mewett). As said by Morgan Haueisen "this grid is too good to let die".

Now I want to support this grid as most of my application is using this for my master/detail and or parent/child form. This grid can support also any control which in my case I added a multi-column combobox.

The primary purpose of this code is to learn how to integrate combobox and other control like datepicker, checkbox, etc. in lynxgrid. You will also learn in different way on how to save using a master/detail form. How to delete record in table which was deleted in lynxgrid control.

note: i'm using the term combobox instead of datacombo which i'm actually using in this code because combobox in datagrid is most common term.

Special Instructions

This code originally appeared on, and has been republished here with the permission of Andrea Tincani.

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