What are the improvements in the database utilities shipped with Exchange 5.5?

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The new ESEUTIL of Exchange Server 5.5 replaces the EDBUTIL.EXE program that shipped in earlier versions. ESEUTIL includes:

• New Integrity Checker (ESEUTIL /G)—This checks database integrity at speeds around 10 GB/hour.

• Enhanced Repair Process (ESEUTIL /P)—It now includes three stages: it performs an integrity check to find corrupt pages, scans the database looking for tables that contain them, and then repairs only the corrupt tables. The first two stages are very fast, operating at speeds around 10 GB/hour. Finally, repairing only corrupt tables requires less time and disk space. An extremely conservative estimate is the ESEUTIL requires free space equal to only 20 to 25 percent of the size of database file being repaired. EDBUTIL requires 110 percent.

• Quicker Defragmentation Process (ESEUTIL /D)—Offline defragmentation (compaction) runs of 4 to 5 GB/hour.
Projected speeds, of course, depend on hardware and loading. Exchange 5.5 also includes an enhanced Information Store Integrity Checker (ISINTEG.EXE) with command line switches that allow you to perform individual tests, reducing the time needed to check the information store. For more information on ISINTEG, please see the ISINTEG.RTF located on the Exchange Server 5.5 CD ROM in the \SERVER\SUPPORT\UTILS directory.

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