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In certain cases it may be necessary to remove particular messages from all mailboxes on one or more Exchange Servers. For example, a sensitive message was accidentally mailed to users who should not have received it or a message with a “virus infected” attachment was mailed to one or more users.

To remove certain messages from mailboxes, when running the program in the Interactive Mode, on the Message Details page of the Data Selection Criteria property sheet, specify one or more subject lines and/or attachment names for the messages you are interested in removing. On the Import Procedure page, select the “Archive data to target store” option.

For details on how to remove certain messages, when running the program in batch mode, please refer to the section above titled “Removing specific messages”.

Note: The current version of the program does NOT have the ability to apply the search criteria to embedded messages. In other words, if you wish to remove all messages with a particular attachment or subject line, any messages that contain embedded messages containing the specified attachment name or subject line, will not be removed.

For each mailbox checked, the program will create a PST file and will move messages that meet the specific criteria to this PST file. Each .PST file will be at least 32K in size.

To speed up operation, it might be beneficial to specify a range of dates between which the program should look for the messages as well as specifying a set of folders to look in rather than checking all folders.

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