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Unpack Specified File from RAR Archive

This module is a wrapper for the unrar.dll freely available from

Enables unpacking a specified file from a RAR archive, both to disk as a file or only to memory (string variable) as the file text.

There are a couple of other posts on RAR archives, and extracting a single file from an archive has not been demonstrated, and I needed this functionality for my ZipSearch project.

Thought others might be interested in this functionality - reuse as you see fit.

Note that the declares for the library functions are named unrar and unrar3 depending on the version you have. Get a free copy of this DLL from:

Happy coding :) 

Original Author: RDE

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Posted: 2020-08-31
By: vb6boy
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Visual Basic 6

Posted: 8/31/2020 2:44:18 PM
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