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McAfee Phish Making the Rounds Again

Some aspiring phisher has polished off this old gem, and you may see variations in your inbox more often.  Don't fall for this obvious fake.

What they are trying to do is to scare you in to thinking that you have been charged an exhorbitant amount of money, directly from your bank account, for something you did not order. In this case it's McAfee AntiVirus.  In your fright, you call the toll free number, which forwards to an offshore phone farm, where you'll be offered tech support, wherein the "agent" will attempt to get remote access to your computer.

Once he gains access, he does some random things, and shows you that your computer is infected, and you really should subscribe to their expanded service for a "special" price.

If that doesn't work, he'll help you get a refund, and will "accidentally" refund too much to your bank account, prompting you to send back the difference, or get a gift card of some sort in the amount of the difference.  

I've included some screen grabs for this phish, down in the Special Instructons section below. Do yourself a favor, don't fall for this. Just delete the email, and carry on with life.

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Posted: 2023-04-20
By: dwirch
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Special Instructions

Here is a screen grab of the email:

McAfee Phishing Email

And here is a screen grab of the alleged invoice:

Alleged invoice from McAfee

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