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A Peace Offering to Disgruntled Reddit Moderators?

Reddit faced significant backlash after deciding to impose hefty fees for API access. In an effort to reconcile with its once-aggrieved moderators, the company is introducing the Mod Helper Program.

The new initiative aims to recognize moderators who actively assist their counterparts. When moderators contribute to r/ModSupport—a subreddit exclusive to moderators—they earn karma, similar to all other Reddit users. Now, thanks to the Mod Helper Program, this karma can be exchanged for unique trophies and flair, showcasing these moderators as integral contributors and trusted information sources within the community.

User CookiesNomNom detailed the program on r/ModSupport, explaining that the program uses a tiered system based on comment karma accumulated from assisting other moderators. "This system is designed to spotlight Mods who consistently provide valuable insights and knowledge, aiming to encourage a more collaborative and supportive mod community," CookiesNomNom stated.

According to CookiesNomNom's announcement, karma earned on r/ModSupport will count towards acquiring trophies, which will be updated monthly starting in October. The trophy system has five distinct levels, with each level corresponding to specific karma milestones: Level 1 for 100 karma, Level 2 for 250 karma, and so on up to Level 5 at 1,000 karma. Depending on the trophy level achieved, different flairs such as "Helper," "Experienced Helper," and "Expert Helper" will appear alongside the user's name on r/ModSupport.

It appears Reddit is making an effort to mend fences with its moderator community, which previously expressed displeasure over the platform's decision to monetize its API. Several subreddits even declared they would become private in protest. Reddit's CEO, Steve Huffman, didn't initially respond well to the dissent, likening moderators to aristocrats in an NBC interview and even suggesting the possibility of allowing regular users to vote off moderators. The conflict peaked last month when Reddit ousted the moderators of r/malefashionadvice, a subreddit that stayed private in solidarity with the June protest.

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Posted: 2023-08-26
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