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Revamped Paint: Windows 11 Introduces New Features

Windows 11's Paint app is gearing up for some significant enhancements, as seen in recent tests.

The most notable of these enhancements is the integration of a layers feature, allowing users to work on multiple layers in a single image. This makes editing more flexible by allowing different elements to be placed on separate layers, which can then be merged or edited individually. A dedicated "Layer" button has been added to the Paint app's toolbar for easy access.

Another new feature is the introduction of a transparency effect, symbolized by a checkboard pattern. This update will also support transparent PNG image files.

Furthermore, Paint seems to be exploring AI-driven image creation capabilities, as spotted in the latest version by PhantomOfEarth on X (formerly Twitter). Dubbed 'Cocreator', this feature could enable users to describe an image and have it generated for them, including in specific art styles. The AI functionality is reminiscent of Bing AI's capabilities, hinting at Microsoft's move to integrate it into Paint.

Interestingly, while the addition of layers might seem surprising, it's been a highly requested feature by users who previously created makeshift solutions. Microsoft appears to be listening to these requests and is now testing the official implementation.

There's a possibility that other past unofficial features, like simple animations, might also find their way into the official Paint app.

The evolution of Paint is notable, especially considering rumors in 2017 about Microsoft possibly discontinuing the software. The current updates reflect a significant pivot in a positive direction.

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Posted: 2023-09-19
By: dwirch
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