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Anticipated iMac Update from Apple

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman forecasts an imminent Apple iMac unveiling, potentially slated for Monday, October 30 or Tuesday, October 31. His insights stem from both well-placed sources privy to Apple's intentions and the noticeable stock shortages of certain Mac models both online and in Apple's brick-and-mortar establishments.

A conspicuous indication is the prolonged shipping delays for several variants of Apple's 24-inch iMac, reaching well into mid-November. Gurman interprets this as a precursor to an impending product launch.

Reinforcing Gurman's conjecture is Apple's scheduled earnings call on Thursday, November 2. Apple's last November financial disclosure was in 2018, shortly after an October 30 event that introduced new iPads and Macs.

The spotlight is on the potential unveiling of a new 24-inch iMac. The present iMac, launched in April 2021, hasn't seen any revamps in over 900 days, making it the sole Mac still equipped with the M1 chip.

While Gurman's recent revelations are sparse regarding the iMac's enhancements, he has hinted in the past at Apple bypassing the M2, favoring the yet-to-be-unveiled M3 chip. This anticipated M3 chip, rumored to employ TSMC's advanced 3nm process, promises superior performance and energy efficiency in comparison to the 5nm M2 chip released in June 2022.

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Posted: 2023-10-24
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