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Google Registry Introduces New ".ing" Domain Extension

Google Registry is unveiling an exciting new top-level domain: .ing. You're probably already brainstorming some potential domains to purchase.

During Google's early access period, you can secure .ing domains, albeit with an additional one-time fee that decreases daily until December 5th. At 16:00 UTC on that date, .ing domains will become publicly accessible.

Some commonly used words with -ing endings come at a hefty price; for instance, and cost $38,999.99 and $129,999.99 per year for registration. However, there are some more budget-friendly options out there if you search diligently. Good luck on your quest!

Furthermore, Google Registry is also in the works to launch a .meme top-level domain. The limited registration period for .meme, as outlined in a Google Registry post from August, is currently in progress. Early access to .meme will be open starting November 28th, with full registration available to the public from December 5th.

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Posted: 2023-11-01
By: dwirch
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