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10 Windows Text-Entry Tricks You Should Be Using

If you spend a significant chunk of your day typing away on your computer, you'll love these nifty text-entry tricks that Windows has up its sleeve. From time-saving shortcuts to hidden gems, let's dive into 10 Windows text-entry tricks that can make your typing experience smoother and more efficient.

Embrace the Clipboard History

Did you know that Windows has a Clipboard History feature? Press Win + V to bring up a list of your recently copied items. No more jumping back and forth between documents to copy and paste multiple items!

Swift Emoji Insertion

Spice up your messages and emails with emojis without hunting through menus. Press Win + . or Win + ; to open the emoji picker instantly. 

Text Replacement Magic

Save time on repetitive phrases by setting up text replacements. Go to Settings > Devices > Typing > Text suggestions. Add your shortcuts and let Windows do the typing for you!

Navigate Like a Pro

Use Ctrl + arrow keys to jump between words while typing. Combine it with Shift to highlight text on the go. No more tedious clicking and dragging!

Shake to Minimize

If you have multiple windows open and want to minimize all except the one you're using, grab the title bar of the active window and give it a little shake. It's like a digital etch-a-sketch for your desktop!

Quick Caps and Lowercase

Toggle between uppercase and lowercase letters by pressing Shift + F3 while typing. No need to retype sentences to fix that accidental caps lock moment.

Time Travel with Timestamps

In apps like Notepad or Word, instantly insert the current date and time by pressing F5. It's a handy feature for keeping track of when you last made changes to your documents.

Dictation Delight

Give your fingers a break and let Windows do the typing. Press Win + H to open the dictation tool and start speaking. Perfect for those moments when inspiration strikes, but your fingers need a rest.

Alt Codes for Special Characters

Impress your colleagues with special characters using Alt codes. Hold down the Alt key and type a code on the numeric keypad to create symbols like ™, ©, and €.

Undo Typing Blunders

Made a typo or deleted something by mistake? Press Ctrl + Z to undo your last action. Keep tapping to undo multiple actions, and if you change your mind, Ctrl + Y will redo them.

There you have it, 10 text-entry tricks that can turn you into a Windows typing maestro! Give these a try, and watch your productivity soar as you navigate your digital realm with newfound efficiency.

For more keyboard shortcuts that you might find handy, check out this link, which contains 303 more shortcuts for Windows, Word, Excel, Gmail, and even YouTube.

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