You cannot delete a demoted domain controllers computer account from Active Directory

Posted On 2005-11-1 by FortyPoundHead
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After demoting a domain controller, you cannot remove its' computer account from Active Directory? You receive:

Error: DSA object cannot be deleted.

If you ran dcpromo to demote the domain controller, or you used ntdsutil to clean up a failed domain controller's metadata and removed the account from Active Directory Sites and Services, you may be unable to delete the account because the UserAccountControl is set to 8192 - SERVER_TRUST_ACCOUNT.

Try changing the UserAccountControl to 4096 - WORKSTATION_TRUST_ACCOUNT:

Use Start / Run / ADSIEdit.msc / OK.
Expand Domain NC, expand dc=domain,dc=com, and expand ou=domain controllers.
Right-click the computer name of the domain controller, and then press Properties.
On the Attributes tab, select Both in the Select which properties to view box.
In the Select a property to view box, select UserAccountControl.
Under Attribute Value, view the value.
Type 4096 in the Edit Attribute box.
Press the Set button.
Press Apply and OK. Exit ADSI Edit.

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