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Classic Resume Template
This resume template is a classic style.
Posted:2023-10-06, 203 views

Modern Blue Resume Template
Since I closed the other site, I thought I'd share some of the content that I had over there.
Posted:2023-10-06, 236 views

Deploying SystemIdleCheck via GPO
Some users of SystemIdleCheck (SIC) have been confused as to how to deploy the program in large, complex environments, so I've put together this guide which details how to deploy the program through Group Policy Objects (GPO).
Posted:2020-03-15, 3712 views

Insult Generator Service
Some of you may have seen the Shakespearean Insult Generator page on this site.
Posted:2019-08-08, 445 views

SystemIdleCheck: APIs Used
In case anyone is curious, this is a list of APIs that are being used.
Posted:2019-07-22, 957 views

SystemIdleCheck: Version History
This page contains the version history of SystemIdleCheck.
Posted:2019-07-22, 1195 views

SystemIdleCheck: Command Line Usage
SystemIdleCheck is very straightforward to use.
Posted:2019-07-22, 3556 views

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