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Maximum Size of DFS Namespace
An Active Directory (AD)-integrated Dfs namespace has a maximum size of 5MB, which is space enough for approximately 5000 links.
Posted:2008-11-01, 2239 views

Determine Size of DFS Namespace
You use the Dfsutil command and specify the /view switch to display the current size of a Dfs namespace, for example dfsutil /root:\\demo.
Posted:2008-11-01, 3403 views

Use NETDOM to determine FSMO Roles
The FSMO role holders can be easily found by use of the Netdom command.
Posted:2009-06-04, 8379 views

How to Disable the Shutdown Event Tracker
The Shutdown Event Tracker in Windows Server 2008 is a handy little utility that helps you to keep track of when and why a server was shut down or restarted.
Posted:2009-08-09 , 1837 views

Turn off IE ESC in Windows Server 2008
Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration can be a real drag.
Posted:2009-09-01 , 2568 views

Managing Shares at the Command Line
Manage your shares from the command prompt with built-in-to-Windows tools, and leave the GUI to the noobs.
Posted:2010-02-27, 13619 views

Change Default Landing Page for TS Web Access
Windows Server 2008 contains a plethora of new features associated with Terminal Server.
Posted:2010-07-14, 21032 views

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