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Set Default Terminal Server for TS Web Access
Terminal Services Web Access (TS Web Access) is a role service in the Terminal Services role that enables users to connect from a Web browser to the remote desktop of any server or client computer where they have the appropriate access.
Posted:2010-07-14, 3081 views

Move Downloaded Windows Update Files to Save Space
Some servers arrive from the manufacturer with an OS already installed.
Posted:2010-10-13, 14470 views

Disable 8.3 Name Creation (NTFS)
This key stops the NTFS volume from generating MS-DOS compatible 8.
Posted:2007-05-03, 3605 views

Dsmod is a command-line tool that is built into Windows Server 2008.
Posted:2009-12-29, 5437 views

Fast Searching of Active Directory
Make life easier for your users by simplifying how they search for resources in Active Directory.
Posted:2007-02-26, 2071 views

Configure Time and Date Settings in Windows 2008 Server Core
Windows Server 2008 has an interesting option to install it with a minimal graphical user interface (or GUI for short).
Posted:2008-08-03, 2421 views

Configuring the Firewall on Server Core for Remote Management
As you already know by now, in Windows Server 2008, Server Core installation does not include the traditional full graphical user interface (GUI).
Posted:2008-08-03, 2542 views

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