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Posted On 2015-08-10 by dwirch
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AdSysNet (ASN) has built a nice and comprehensive tool for bulk managing and reporting on AD objects, all through a simple to use graphical interface.

The tool is not limited to a single domain, and can manage multiple domains through a single, centralized interface. Further, it can be installed on a standalone, non domain joined workstation to manage domains.

The main features are:

  • Bulk user and object creation or modification
  • Managing bulk objects, including:
    • password reset, unlock, or enable/disable
    • move, delete, or restore
    • join/disjoin
    • set or remove accidental deletion flag
  • Reporting

Working with the tool appears to be pretty straightforward. Simply select the objects, whatever they are, then select an operation to perform on the objects.  Tasks can also be scheduled, which comes in handy of you want to create a bunch of temporary accounts, and have them automatically disabled/removed at a specific time.

A set of reports is also included with the product, encompassing some very often requested data, each exportable in CSV, PDF, Excel, DOC, and HTML formats. Something that appears to be missing is the ability to create custom reports, though.

Give it a try, and let the rest of us know what you think.



Price: $0.29 per user, up to 500 users, with reductions the more users licensed.  Government pricing available. 7 day evaluation available

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