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Posted On 2015-08-12 by dwirch
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Z-Hire from Zohno helps you to reduce the time and steps needed during the onboarding of new employees by allowing  you to set up templates for user accounts. These templates can then be used to create not just an Active Directory account, but also an Exchange mailbox, Lync account, and even a Salesforce account.

One of the big things I like about templating is creating consistency across user account deployments, cutting down on the number of "custom" configurations.Setting up the product appears to be pretty straightforward as well, with an auto-discovery option that should be able to find your services, provided your Active Directory DNS is functioning and configured properly. Also, it supports usage with Office 365.

Although I've not tried it, or seen it in action, the product also claims to have the ability to sync with HRIS systems such as Oracle, Workday, and others to drive user provisioning and data synchronization.

Company: Zohno

URL: http://www.zohno.com/productsandservices.html

Price: Starts at $250 for 1000 employees, 90 (yes, ninety) day free trial available

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