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Posted On 2015-10-27 by dwirch
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Recently, I rebuilt my SCOM environment (don't ask), re-attaching all the previously existing agents to the new installation. Lots of them came back as "Not Monitored".

From time to time, you may come across an agent or two in your SCOM environment that is reporting "Not Monitored", with an empty green circle next to it. Sometimes it happens. It could be a cranky agent, borked cache, or something like that.

But what happens if you have 150+ agents reporting as unmonitored? Some of you may know the fix, others may not. Also, some folks might know a different way to fix it. Here's what I did.

First, in the monitoring pane of the SCOM console, navigate to:

Operations Manager \ Agent Details \ Agent Health State

In the right hand pane, you should see a sub-pane for Agent State, sort by state, and all your unmonitored agents should group together. Select all the unmonitored agents.

Now, in the task pane on the right, select Flush Health Service State and Cache. Finally, confirm that running of the task. Go grab a coffee, and when you come back, you should be able to hit refresh. All the agents should be showing as healthy again.

If the agents still show as not monitored, simply pop over to the administration pane, and under Agent Managed select your "not monitored" agents, and click Repair. Let the tasks run, and refresh after a bit. Now you should for sure see them in a healthy state.

In the old SCOM 2007 days, you'd navigate to the target agents install folder on the remote machine, rename the cache directory, and restart the agent. Using the above method, you'll be doing the same thing, except from the SCOM console, hitting many agents at the same time.

Hope this helps someone out there.

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