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In ancient Greek religion and Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of the harvest. This code sample demonstrates how to harvest the headers and html code of a web site via VB6.

The code presented here shows how to download the header information and html code from a web site, and save that data to text file. In this code, the following items are demonstrates:

  • Controls:
    • Microsoft Internet Transfer Control 6.0 for retrieving web site data
    • Microsoft Common Dialog Control 6.0 for use of system save dialog
  • API:
    • ShellExecute API to open the default browser when a link is clicked
  • General:
    • Responding to events with actions
    • string concatenation
    • writing to a text file

Demeter Web Site Retriever screenshot

While this bit of code is meant to be a demonstration for beginners, it can also be expanded on, potentially becoming a full-on web crawler.

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