Use WMI to create a VM with PowerShell

Posted On 2017-12-17 by ASchneider
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A function to create a new Hyper-V virtual machine using WMI, with the ability to create the VM on a remote host. Also allows for specifiying the target location.
function New-HyperVVM {  param (
   [string]$Hypervhost = "localhost",
   [string]$Vm = "VM Courtesy of PowerShell",
   [string]$location = "C:\MyVirtualMachines\$vm"
 $wmiClassString = "\\" + $Hypervhost + "\root\virtualization:Msvm_VirtualSystemGlobalSettingData"
 $wmiclass = [WMIClass]$wmiClassString
 $newVSGlobalSettingData = $wmiClass.CreateInstance()
 $newVSGlobalSettingData.psbase.Properties.Item("ExternalDataRoot").value = $location
 $newVSGlobalSettingData.psbase.Properties.Item("ElementName").value = $Vm
 $VSManagementService = gwmi MSVM_VirtualSystemManagementService -namespace "root\virtualization" -ComputerName $Hypervhost
 $GlobalSettings  = $newVSGlobalSettingData.psbase.GetText(1)
 $VSManagementService.DefineVirtualSystem($GlobalSettings, $ResourceSettings)

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