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A Non-Repeating Random Number Generator

With this simple, and very fast, routine you can generate a series of non-repeating random numbers. You can select a series of 10 numbers, or a series of a million...It doesn't matter. Can be useful for image fades, deck shuffling, random tip of the day, etc. - It even tells you how long it took to generate the series.

Original Author: Kevin Lawrence


A popup message stating how many numbers had been mixed up and how long it took.

Side Effects

The larger the series of numbers the more RAM required. Uses arrays.

API Declarations


Private Sub Command1_Click()
  ' Produces a series of X random numbers without repeating any
  'Results can be used by using array B(X)
  Dim A(10000) ' Sets the maximum number to pick
  Dim B(10000) ' Will be the list of new numbers (same as DIM above)
  Dim Message, Message_Style, Message_Title, Response
  'Set the original array
  MaxNumber = 10000 ' Must equal the DIM above
  For seq = 0 To MaxNumber
    A(seq) = seq
  Next seq
  'Main Loop (mix em all up)
  StartTime = Timer
  Randomize (Timer)
  For MainLoop = MaxNumber To 0 Step -1
    ChosenNumber = Int(MainLoop * Rnd)
    B(MaxNumber - MainLoop) = A(ChosenNumber)
    A(ChosenNumber) = A(MainLoop)
  Next MainLoop
  EndTime = Timer
  TotalTime = EndTime - StartTime
  Message = "The sequence of " + Format(MaxNumber, "#,###,###,###") + " numbers has been" + Chr$(10)
  Message = Message + "mixed up in a total of " + Format(TotalTime, "##.######") + " seconds!"
  Message_Style = vbInformationOnly + vbInformation + vbDefaultButton2
  Message_Title = "Sequence Generated"
  Response = MsgBox(Message, Message_Style, Message_Title)
End Sub

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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