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Create New Controls At Runtime !

This code will allow you to create a new instance of a control
at runtime !
Imagine. When your app is RUNNING you can create a new command button
or a textbox on the fly ! The code they didn't want you to know ;)

Original Author: Marc A. Foumberg

API Declarations



'Create a new project.
'Add a command button.
'Name the button...
' Command1(0)
'As if it were an aray.
'Its sometimes easyier to create
'an aray to begin with. If you do
'be sure to delete all button except
'The Code...
Private Sub Command1_Click(Index As Integer)
Static I As Integer
I = I + 1
Load Command1(I)
Command1(I).Left = Command1(I - 1).Left + 200
Command1(I).Top = Command1(I - 1).Top + 600
Command1(I).Caption = "New Button !"
Command1(I).Visible = True
End Sub
'At runtime this will create a new
'command button.
'To add additional function you could add
'an IF statement. As follows...
Private Sub Command1_Click(Index As Integer)
On Error GoTo Handler1
'Create new button
Static I As Integer
I = I + 1
Load Command(I)
Command(I).Left = 2460
Command(I).Top = 5520
Command(I).Caption = "For Real This Time" ' change the caption
Command(I).Visible = True
' Code to unload the form when the new button is clicked
If Command(1) Then
Unload Me
End If
End Sub
'Email Marc at with any questions.
'try this with other controls !

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