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ActiveX UltraTimer Control (UPDATED) w/ SOURCE

The UltraTimer Control uses NO APIs. Just pre-set the total interval any where from 1 millisecond to about 24 days. Set the TimerMode to fire Periodic or One-Time timer events. Initial Interval is calculated in milliseconds and up to (59999ms), then combined with the Minute and Hour intervals for the total interval between calls to the control's timer event. Also fires MinuteAlarm and HourAlarm events. For more details on this and other controls created by Paczero, visit

Original Author: Paczero


Compiled to an OCX control or insert into a new or existing activex project. VB Timer control is used as the main timer and added to the usercontrol.

API Declarations

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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