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Listview Listbox Combobox Textbox Print Save Load

This is yet another submission for printing, loading from the file and saving to the file from Listview, ListBox, ComboBox and all one Forms textboxes controls. There are couple changes for part of this code. Check the explanations, please.

Original Author: Markku Str?mberg


Ok, this might seem like my previous code but I have changed all functions conserning ListView. Now you do not have to give subitem amount as a parameter for eg. functions. Here is also one bonus. This code will show you how to optimize filling Listview control! Even thought this optmization is not orginally my code, (I would give the credit to the person to whom they belong, but I do not remenber that author, sorry) I have changed it a bit to be able to use it with ListView control. Hope this will help some of you :) Keep up the good spirit!!

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

Posted: 9/3/2020 3:45:00 PM
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